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EIA study of Tourism Project of Torqabeh Gold Mine

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The Mining ecotourism project of Torqabeh is the first geotourism project in Iran, Torqabeh gold mine is located in an area of approximately 212 ha, in 8 kilometres far from of Mashhad in west, about 3 kilometers from the small town of Torqabeh. Extraction was carried out through open tunnels and through the tunnel for many years, the mining has been stopped for many years. In this project, the environmental impacts of mineral ore extraction with gold streams, underground extraction and ore transfer to the factory have been investigated and environmental management solutions have been proposed. In the next step, creating and developing geotourism, including mine theme parks and, mine geotourism, nature and mine park and inscriptions park regarding to the potentials of the mine were investigated briefly.

Actual services:

  • Sampling for analysis of water parameters
  • Comprehensive studies of cave paintings
  • Site selection of tourism activities according to the shape of the land and minimize the visual pollution and the least damage to the environment.
  • Evaluation of environmental impacts by the method of Pastakia
  • Provide strategies and mitigating measures to minimize the identified environmental impacts
  • Propose measures to ensure the environmental performance
  • Provision of  a program to review and record the environmental status affected environmental parameters during the implementation of the project