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Study on southern drainage of line 6 of Tehran Metro from A6 station (Dolatabad) to G6 (17 Shahrivar-Gooteh)

Irrigation and Drainage
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Tehran Metro Line 6 with 31 km long, 27 underground stations and 2 terminals is one of the most important lines under construction of Tehran Metro Company. This line connects the northwest of Tehran to its southeast part. The present study includes drainage status investigation in the south part of the 6th line, the lengths of this line is 7km from the Dolatabad Station (A6) to Goethe Station (G6) on 17th Shahrivar Street. Regarding high level of groundwater in this area and related problems in construction and operation phase, some researches have been done to decrease groundwater level and drainage of this route. Based on attached terms of reference to the contract, the results of this study were presented in 2 sections. The first section is general features of the study, and the second one includes executive map of drainage.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Collection of basic information of the project and geology features of the study area
  • Investigating and studying the basic information of surface water and arid stream
  • Study of groundwater status along the southern part of the subway line 6
  • Studying and identifying the qanats along the southern part of the subway line 6
  • Measurement of groundwater level and preparation of groundwater isobath in the area
  • An overview of trends in groundwater fluctuations in the past years
  • Surveying and forecasting changes in groundwater levels in the future years and taking into account the extraction of groundwater by the Tehran Province Water & Wastewater Co., the municipality of Tehran, the private sector and individuals
  • Investigating and proposing executive plans to control groundwater level
  • Studying and identifying water collection canals (groundwater and surface water conveyance of main water pipes of Tehran Water and Sewerage Department)
  • Investigating status of the 6th metro tunnel next to Tehran’s sewage transfer lines