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Basic and detailed design studies of fishing floating pier – Abu Khozair Estuary

Port Construction
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Construction of a floating pier to provide berthing and mooring fishing vessels and supporting the operation of coastal fishing is considered as the main goal of the project. Due to the tidal conditions of the area which causes significant changes in the surface water and current speed increase in the waters of the region, it is necessary to construct flexible structure resistant to surface water changes, which has berth fishing vessels. This project has been planned for the organization of about 150 fishing vessels in Abu Khozair, located in Shadegan city of Khuzestan province. In this project, due to tidal fluctuations, the fishing pier is considered to be floating. Accordingly, studies and technical assessments were carried out in the first stage, and then, in the final design of the floating pier, the bracing system, coastal construction, and coastal protection structures and extension structures of the project, were carried out. In addition to the construction of the quay, field buildings, including fishing warehouses, pump benches, water and ice supplying systems and office building, have been foreseen.

Actual services:

  • Feasibility study on pier types according to the conditions of the area, suitable fishing conditions, fishing berth positioning
  • Introducing a variety of floating piers
  • Specification of fishing pier components and performing field statistical studies
  • Compilation of final production process based on meteorological and hydrological studies, geotechnical studies
  • Detailed design of the floating pier structure and onshore support facilities
  • Loading and design criteria were formulated in accordance with articles 530 and 640 of the government.
  • Providing technical report and schedule album