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Environmental Impact Assessment of Lasak Dam Construction

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Construction of the Lasak Dam was considered as one of the development plans of Guilan Regional Water Company aimed for providing agricultural water needs and drinking water to the city of Fouman. Since the study area is located inside the forest district of Imamzadeh Ibrahim, preservation of vegetation and forest ecosystem in this area was so significant. There were many negotiations with owner to alter the place or height of the dam, and ultimately, the alternative of height alter was approved by them. After field studies and the expert meetings, necessary strategies were proposed to maintain the existing land use. Also, the dam construction impacts on downstream, especially Anzali Wetland, were identified and environmental water right was determined to be considered in calculation and formulation of dam construction.

Actual services:

  • Site selection for 3 limnological sampling stations in river upstream, reservoir and dam downstream
  • Physicochemical sampling and analysis
  • Determination of biological indicators (water quality indices)
  • Prediction of environmental impacts of different alternatives in construction and operation phases
  • Site selection of the dam site
  • Water quality assessment in dam upstream
  • Proposing a mitigating and control measure plan to reduce and eliminate environmental adverse impacts
  • Environmental Impacts Assessment by Leopold Matrix and Descriptive Checklists