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Environmental Impact Assessment of Chashm Reservoir Dam

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Chashm Dam is located in 30 km far from northwest of Shahmirzad in Semnan Province in the border area of ​​Semnan and Mazandaran provinces. Due to water shortages in the province of Semnan, construction project of the Chashm Dam has been set forward in order to allow surface water of Rouzieh spring be stored in the northern part of Semnan province, in the vicinity of Mazandaran province. One of the most important problems in the construction of Chashm Dam in the region was the presence of Juniper in the area that is a protected species and some of them would be sunk when the dam is constructed. Also, the climate and microclimatic changes of the environment after the construction of the dam have adverse impacts on the vegetation in the margin of dam and also Juniper. For this purpose, the consultant, with cooperation of the designer has suggested to modify water levels and impounding characteristics to minimize damages to Juniper and vegetation sinking in water.

Actual services:

  • Counting the number of Juniper tree and examining the possibility of tree retrieving and calculating the tree density
  • Sampling for water quality parameter analysis (physico-chemical and contamination) and limnologic characteristics of Talar River at 3 stations in a Rapid Bioassessment Method
  • Analyzing environmental impacts caused by project implementation, non-implementation, and implementation with the relevant measures
  • Providing solutions to minimize and mitigate environmental impacts of the project
  • Provision and development of an Environmental Management Plan
  • Environmental Impacts Assessment by Leopold Matrix and Descriptive Checklists