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Environmental Impact Assessment of Development Project of Tombak Service-Export Harbour

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This project includes mechanized warehouse, storing and exporting facilities including ship loader and loading arm for ship loading. Due to huge volume of petrochemical products in Tombak region, it is essential to develop a service-export port. Moreover, gas sweetening in Iran south pars gas field produces by-products of sulphur with considerable volume. In absence of this port, the produced sulphur will be deposited in open area, burnt in flare or discharged in the sea; therefore, construction of this port will promote safety and decrease environmental risk. The main breakwater is intended for LPG Bunkering and transmission. Due to the effects of development project of service-export port of Tombak during port construction and operation on South Pars Gas Field in Assaluyeh area, Iran DoE requested POGC to conduct environmental study.

Actual services:

Asarab has implemented a comprehensive master plan for sampling and environmental baseline studies concerning environmental sensitives especially in coastal zones including the following subjects:

  • Preparing a hydrodynamic model and pollutant dispersion in the sea
  • Zoning and Manta tow on the coastal area (mapping of coral reefs area)
  • Study of physicochemical and pollution parameters in different transects
  • Measurement and modeling of air pollution by AERMOD model
  • Flare output estimation by GOES model
  • Examination of soil and sediment in the study area
  • Environmental Impacts Assessment by Scaling Checklists
  • Risk assessment by FMEA method (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

In this study, different scenarios were developed using MIKE 21 software to investigate the probability of pollution diffusion in the sea by different transportation systems. Main simulation objects which have been carried out are as follows;

  • Hydrodynamic study for the project area in Persian Gulf (mike 21 HD FM)
  • Simulation with different scenarios of Sulphur spreading into the sea (mike 21 TR FM)
  • Simulation of cohesive and non-cohesive sedimentation in the project area and inside of Tombak Harbour (Mike 21 ST/MT FM)

Simulation of sediment dredging in the port up to draft level and dredging impact assessment of the project on the environment (MIKE 21 MT/Dredger)