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Qualitative study of water resources of Alborz dam upstream

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In order to achieve adequate information about river and reservoir quality of Alborz Dam in Savadkooh city, 6-stage sampling and testing of parameters physicochemical, pollution and bioactivity in water and sediment were defined by Regional Water Company of Mazandaran province. The study was performed by Asarab Consulting Engineers Co. and the quality status of springs and entering river and reservoir of Alborz Dam, point and nonpoint sources of pollutants at the catchment area were completely reviewed.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Study of qualitative status of upstream rivers and qualitative zoning of the river
  • Identification of sensitive and polluted areas in the rivers
  • Identification of influencing springs on the water quality of the river
  • Identification of point and non-point sources of pollution
  • Study of reservoir quality and make a comparison with international standards and indicators
  • Qualitative modeling of the reservoir of Alborz Dam using a two-dimensional model of Ce-Qual_W2 to predict reservoir conditions based on different water quality scenarios
  • Provision of structural and non- structural solutions at the catchment area (long-term solutions) and reservoir of the dam (mid-term solutions) for controlling and preventing pollution
  • Provision of permanent quality monitoring network