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Consulting services and Environmental Impact Study of South Pars Centralized power plant

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About Project

Combined Cycle plan of South Pars Central Power Plant (with a production capacity of 5,840,000 MW hours of electricity per year from gas and 2,920,000 MW of electricity per year from steam and a total production of 8,760,000 MW of electricity per year is set to supply electricity for refineries of phases 16, 17, 18, 15, 10, 9 of petrochemicals plants, supply of power for desalination units of phases 6, 7 and 8, and other units in the special zone. In this study, environmental impacts of the mentioned project were identified regarding to the sensitivity of the area and its proximity to the Nayband National Marine Park. From the results of the project, it was concluded that air pollution is the main environmental impacts caused by the project.

Actual services:

  • Sampling of air and noise parameters at 6 stations
  • Performing air quality modeling as well as noise pollution in the operation phase
  • Investigating about environmental impacts of plant effluent on the marine national park of Naiband
  • Providing appropriate environmental solutions for industrial waste disposal