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Basic study of water supplying and conveyance, irrigation & drainage network in Izeh plain

Irrigation and Drainage
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The primary objective of this study is to planning for water supplying and irrigation for the Izeh plain through water transmission from neighboring basins, existing wetlands of Miangaran and Bandan during high water and groundwater abstraction, if possible. It will strengthen economic sustainable development and essential background for economic growth and will reduce migration of villagers to cities and prevent potential productive inhabitants becoming into consumer population.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Collection of data, information, maps and satellite imagery
  • Collecting data of weather and climate in the study area
  • Socio-economic study of the region
  • Physiography of the catchment and its hydrology
  • Investigation of plain groundwater and possibility of groundwater harvesting
  • Performing test for determination of drainage, permeability and profiles of soil
  • Soil surveying
  • Pattern selection of cultivation and design of modern water conveyance and irrigation systems
  • Identifying the methods of water supplying and conveyance from adjacent basins, drainage status of the plain and the method of discharge of spoiled water.
  • Determination of water rights, irrigation calendar and modules (non-agricultural water rights including drinking, industry, trade, environmental rights, etc.)
  • Identifying facilities to increase agricultural lands
  • Provide development plans and estimating the costs
  • Selecting appropriate options for the plan including location of diversion band, pumping station, transmission lines and tunnel drilling
  • Planning for operational management for water harvesting from Karun River considering its specific features
  • Examining the optimal operation systems of water resources in the plain