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River bed and fringe delineation with land surveying of five river branches in Karkheh watershed basin

River Engineeing
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One of the key role of Regional water Companies of provinces is to protect water resources, therefore, these companies launch preparing riverbed and firng line maps. Riverbed and fringe delineation of rivers in Karkheh basin of Lorestan Province was undertaken by Asarab Consulting Engineering Co. 340 km length of the rivers in the province including Herodehno, Herokakareza, Kahman, Cham Zakaria, Kashkan and Poldokhtar, were mapped and riverbed and fringe of them were delineated. The study consists of three parts including basic study and detailed design studies and integration and conclusion.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Water resources studies, flood determination based on different return periods
  • Investigating legal status and history of riverbed and fringe line determination which have been performed before
  • Morphological study, investigating erosion and hydraulic flow for preparing flood zoning maps
  • Preparing riverbed and fringe line maps of case studies and locating benchmarks of riverbed
  • Preparing occupiers of riverbed and water resources
  • Quantity surveying and estimating and preparation of tender documents for riverbed benchmarking