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Water Quality Assessment of Aydughmush Dam

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Construction of Aydughmush Dam is one of the most important projects in the south of Azerbaijan Province. This dam is aimed at improving agricultural lands and industrial water, regulating, balancing and providing water needs of downstream lands, proper use of groundwater resources and its integration with surface water and tourism development. In order to planning and further studies on construction of this dam, Regional Water Company of Azerbaijan put it in its priorities to investigate qualitative status of the water resources and the catchment basin of the Aydughmush Dam, so that according to the results obtained, the Environmental Management Plan was completed and presented.

Actual services:

  • Field investigation of the study area
  • Sampling of qualitative parameters (physicochemical and contamination) of rivers at 16 stations
  • Seasonal sampling from soil and sediment at 52 stations for two seasons
  • Specification of anomalies in the water quality
  • Investigation of pollutant sources based on identified anomalies
  • Providing relevant solutions and measures for eliminating and remediation of pollution
  • Measuring salinity in all branches, main drains, inlets and inside of the reservoir
  • Measuring the amount of salinity in all wells, main canals and inlets into the reservoir
  • CE-Qual-W2 modelling to study salinity changes at different levels of dam reservoir and irrigation network
  • Evaluation of land formation influencing on water salinity
  • Providing solutions to prevent salinity increase in sub basins of the dam