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Water quality assessment of Aydughmush

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Due to discharge of drainage water to Aydaghmoush Dam and since there are several pollutant resources in the basin which affect water quality in the study area, the water quality of dam is decreased significantly, and water has been saline. East Azerbaijan Regional Water Authority has defined a certain project resulting environmental management programme for basin and reservoir. In the programme solution for remedy the water to decrease pollutants and salinity considering cultivation pattern and standards.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:       

In this study, the following activities performed but not limited to:

  • Full field survey
  • measurements of physicochemical parameters of water and soil at the site and in the laboratories
  • specification of anomalies in the water resources
  • investigation of pollutant sources based on identified anomalies
  • providing relevant solutions and measures for eliminate and remedy pollution
  • Measuring salinity in all branches, main drains, inlets and inside of the reservoir
  • Measuring the amount of salinity in all wells, main canals and inlets into the reservoir
  • CE-Qual-W2 modelling to study salinity changes at different levels of dam reservoir and irrigation network
  • Evaluation of formation influencing on water salinity
  • Providing solutions to prevent salinity increase in sub basins of the dam