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Quality Modelling of Kanisib Dam

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Kaniisib Dam and Zab Transmission Canal is designed to restore Urmia Lake. A one-year quality monitoring program was performed in 7 stations monthly. All physicochemical, biological and pollution parameters of water and sediment were measured in Asarab laboratory. In the following, identification, evaluation and analysis of the effects of pollution sources were carried out in the catchment area and around the reservoir.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

The following works have been done for this project:

  • Measuring the parameters of soil, groundwater, air and noise pollution
  • Identification of pollution sources based on anomalous pollutant trends
  • Analyzing the effects of the pollutants in the catchment area and around the reservoir
  • Providing environmental management and monitoring programs
  • Eutrophication and stratification modeling using the CE-Qual-W2 model
  • Providing solutions to prevent eutrophication of reservoirs in the various sub basins of the dam

The results of this study were also used in Urmia Lake modelling.