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Reviewing Basic and Detailed Design of Drainage in Southern Part of Garmsar

Irrigation and Drainage
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In the southern part of Garmsar County, due to groundwater utilization and inadequate soil quality, salinity and alkalinity of lands have been a serious problem in this region and this issue has been intensified during the rainy years due to physical conditions of soil and evaporation. Therefore, in order to prevent salinity and alkalization of the lands, Asarab Consulting Engineers Co. is in charge of revising basic and detailed design studies of drainage and soil improvement practices.

Actual services:

  • Reviewing basic studies
  • Revising the cultivation patterns
  • Performing soil surveying, layering, hydraulic conductivity and permeability analysis
  • Designing channels for drainage and runoff collecting resulted from seasonal rainfall
  • Designing and installing a variety of drains
  • Explaining the fundamentals of hydraulic design