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Detailed agrology, study of leaching and soil improvement, stratification, determination of flooding and permeability of southern Garmsar

Irrigation and Drainage
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In order to design drainage systems, basic studies and services of soil science, land classification, land degradation and drainage experiments are necessary. Therefore, during reviewing of basic and design studies of drainage in southern Garmsar, Asarab undertook additional studies on the soil to determine leaching and soil remediation, soil layering, drainage and permeability of south Garmsar.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

In this study, after preliminary steps including provision of initial resources and information, including aerial photos and topography maps of 1:25000 and 1:2000, the study area was investigated and surveyed in depth, past studies, records and reports about the area were collected, the preliminary interpretive maps were prepared and teamwork were ready for field activities. The following activities have been done for the client:

  • Teamwork got together for field surveying
  • Sampling of the soil
  • Performing some tests for layering and hydraulic conductivity in the wells
  • Measuring the rate of water penetration into the soil