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Design of hydraulic structures and water intake system from the sea and water conveyance to shrimp breeding complex of Gomishan

IN Irrigation and Drainage
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About Project

Gomishan shrimp breeding complex is one of the important plans for fisheries production and employment in the Golestan province, which leads to maximum productivity of water and soil resources in the Golestan province. Salinity, flat lands, and easy access to seawater in the north of the province are the most promising for shrimp breeding projects. The main objective of this project is optimal using of water resources in the province, producing about 7,000 tons of shrimp for domestic consumption and exports, job creation for about 2,000 people directly and 4,000 indirectly and civil development in the region. Study of the Gomishan shrimp breeding complex includes design of infrastructure and shrimp farms, aquatic structures and seawater and water transmission systems, which allows the complex to produce optimally.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Site selection of shrimp breeding complex
  • Prediction of sea level fluctuations
  • Investigation of water needs for farms regarding to water quality and supplying of needed oxygen and water intake time
  • Determine environmental criteria for design of infrastructure
  • Hydrodynamic, sediment and water quality modeling of Gomishan wetland status