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Conducting studies on collecting and controlling of runoff in Semnan county

Water and Wastewater
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Regarding that considerable quantity of runoff flows after the rainfall in urban areas, and in most streets of Semnan city, it causes many problems and ultimately disturbs traffic. Then, controlling of runoff is obvious necessary and it is required to proceed a comprehensive plan to remedy this issue. Municipality of Semnan to eliminate this problem and find structural solution has contracted with Asarab to study and investigate waterways pattern and status in the city to modify the hydraulic connections among canals and waterways.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

Asarab has presented the following reports to the clients:

  • Presentation of physiographic reports of urban and non-urban watersheds in the study area
  • Meteorological and climatological studies
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology studies to simulate urban flood using Storm Water Management Model 5 (SWMM5)
  • Investigating the status of the streams and solutions for controlling the surface water
  • Investigation of waterways and possible alternatives for construction of runoff collection network
  • Study of the existing status of urban and suburban waterways
  • Researching to find new methods decreasing water flow to the city
  • Selecting wastewater collection system and solutions for controlling runoff
  • Designing of hydraulic sections of the ducts and streams according to the quality of ducts
  • Preparing comprehensive maps and drawings for controlling and collection of runoff