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Assessing the existing cold-water fish farms and providing solutions for increasing aquaculture production

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12 points in cold-water fish farms were seasonally sampled and analysed, and problems in this way were identified. Finally, suitable methods for increasing the production capacity of the farms were offered. The problems were surveyed from the viewpoint of biotechnical parameters of breeding. Ultimately, the production and aquaculture capacity of water resources were re-evaluated based on the oxygen and ammonia tolerance.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Measurement of quantitative and qualitative parameters of water resources in farms and performing biotechnical calculations of production
  • Problem analysis of cold-water fish farming (water volume, design and operation, etc.)
  • Providing mitigation (administrative and structural) solutions
  • Providing solutions for increasing efficiency and production (water recirculation, preliminary purification, etc.)