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Feasibility study of aquaculture in Shahryar Dam Lake

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This study was set to identify the opportunities and threats in relation to aquaculture and fisheries activities in the lake of Shahryar Dam and perform aquaculture activities in the downstream, by taking into account sustainable utilization approach which tries to orientate its development activities. This study has two general sections of basic and technical studies on aquaculture. In the basic study, the general status of climate and meteorology, hydrology, geology, soil formation, biological identification of the area including vegetation and wildlife, and the study of the status of the fishery activities were placed on the agenda, and in the technical, aquaculture, the lymnological status and determination of production capacity, fish farming in domestic waters were investigated, and the environmental and financial impacts of fish farming plans were evaluated in the downstream of the dam.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Collecting information and conducting basic studies
  • Providing a brief history about aquatic propagation and breeding methods
  • Feasibility study of applicable aquaculture methods in the study area
  • Investigating contamination parameters and self-purification potential
  • Determining aquaculture production capacity based on contaminants in the environment