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Providing Project Management Consultancy Services in EPC Projects of Farm Irrigation and Drainage Network, Equipping and Land Levelling of Arayez Plain

Irrigation and Drainage
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More than 16,000 ha of agricultural lands in the west of Karkhe River are charged by this irrigation and drainage network. This project is a farm network derived from the main network with a length of 107 Km which conveys water from Karkheh Diversion Dam to Pai-e-Pol plain with an area of 65,000 ha, also this project provides some part of drinking water to Ahvaz City dwellers. Arayez agricultural lands do not enjoy proper water quota enough, actually they are poor, and therefore, to enhance productivity of agriculture, and rehabilitation of the wells, this irrigation network was constructed and developed. Asarab Co. in this Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project was assigned as MC Co.

Actual services:

Asarab has provided research services including design, supreme and construction supervision for the following structures:

  • Gravitational, semi-mechanized and low-pressurized and pressurized irrigation systems
  • Construction of tertiary and quad irrigation canals
  • Sub-surface piping for drainage and groundwater collectors
  • Investigating socio-economic status for establishment of water and soil utilization system
  • Defining and planning a new soil and water utilization system
  • Investigating educational needs for beneficiaries towards system optimization
  • Capacity building and educating beneficiaries for land consolidation and agricultural lands division
  • Empowering beneficiaries in order to follow cultivation pattern