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Detailed Design Study of Irrigation & Drainage Pressurized Network and Mapping of 7,700 ha of Palm Orchard in Abpakhsh and Kolal

Irrigation and Drainage
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Abpakhsh and Kolal lands are perennial agricultural lands, which have been traditionally irrigated so far, and wasted water have been high enough to increase the likelihood of water deficit in the area in the coming years. So adequate and timely irrigation is not provided in this condition, and water shortage has reduced agricultural productivity and had a significant impact on the household economy within the spatial scope of this plan. Therefore, pressurized irrigation network designing has been on the course of action by the authorities of the province to enhance the efficiency and prevent water loss, for this purpose, “Detailed design study of irrigation & drainage pressurized network and mapping of 7,700 ha of palm orchard in Abpakhsh and Kolal” has been delegated to Asarab by Agriculture Organization of Bushehr, the area of the project was extended to 9,350 ha, 25 % increase in the area.

Actual services:

  • Determination of various soil parameters including texture, electrical conductivity, depth of suitable soil for agriculture and permeability
  • Determination of water parameters including bacteria populations, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), ECi and suspended particulate matter in water
  • Estimation of evapotranspiration, transpiration and water requirements of plants and determination of hydro module of irrigation pattern
  • Estimating the irrigation water demand during the growth period
  • Determination of all specifications of the local and traditional irrigation method
  • Selecting the most appropriate method according to the current situation and providing its complete technical specifications
  • Irrigation planning based on the cropping pattern
  • Designing farm drip irrigation network in Civil3D and using WaterGEMS
  • Selecting type of distributor
  • Network segmentation and capacity determination of the system
  • Financial estimation of the plan applying TEXA Software
  • Tender document preparation