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EIA study of Darya Freeway -Astara-Tangrah

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Darya Freeway was going to be constructed in the area that enjoys environmental and ecological unique values, it continued in 3 provinces of Mazandaran, Gilan and Golestan. This freeway is beneficial as it eliminates traffic in the northern provinces of Iran. On the other hand, the coastal zone in north of Iran are of high sensitivity in terms of ecological features. Due to the importance and sensitivity of the northern coastal zone of the country, the location of this freeway has been selected in such a way that environmental damages to protected areas under protection of DoE would be minimized, and the freeway does not enter the coastal zone.

Actual services:

  • Examining environmental status of the study area
  • Identifying unique ecosystems and forest cover
  • Identifying affected areas for each spatial variety
  • Integrating the results of technical and design information provided by the main consultant company with environmental maps and data and evaluating each spatial variety
  • Choosing the best route from an environmental standpoint