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Basic (complementary) & detailed design studies of west Bahu Kalat shrimp breeding complex- Sistan & Baluchistan province

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Identification of appropriate lands for shrimp farming in Sistan & Baluchistan province was included in the program of Asarab Co. in March 1994. Based on this study, suitable places for shrimp farming in Sistan & Baluchestan coastal areas were identified and prioritized according to various parameters such as soil texture, topographic features, drainage, and extent and area limitations. Based on the results of previous studies, the west lands of Bahu Kalat located in the area of ​​Govatr, in terms of all parameters was in the second priority and in terms of ease of project implementation ranked at first place. Performing basic and detailed design studies were entrusted to Asarab Consulting Engineers Co. by Deputy Director of Fisheries Farming of Iran Fisheries Organization in June 1995.

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In the present study, appropriate conditions and factors for shrimp cultivation were investigated; and the following items were designed for the implementation phase:

  • Designing of irrigation canal network
  • Main and farm drainage systems and associated facilities
  • Best site selection for farms and hatcheries based on requirements in terms of physical and environmental situation and ease of implementation
  • Designing protective embankment structures to eliminate flood risks