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Review and complementary study and providing reconstruction and restoration plan of Faroub Ruman artificial recharging project in Nishapur County

Irrigation and Drainage
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In order to increase aquifer capacity and remedy the rate of groundwater decrease, Khorasan Regional Water Company in 1995 carried out a study on artificial recharging of Faroub Ruman in the north of Nishapur. This project intended to protect the downstream of the river against flood, deviation of surface water exceeding from base flow rate and recharging of the groundwater reservoirs, rehabilitation of water resources and more appropriate utilization of wells in the area providing water for drinking, farming and industry usage. This project was launched in 1999. However, in 2002, some parts of the project were damaged as a result of flood. Therefore, the present study was delegated to Asarab Consulting Engineers Co. with the aim of completing previous studies and investigating the causes of destruction and setting a repair plan for damaged components.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

The project includes 20 hectares of artificial recharging pool, diversion dam, water conveyance canal and technical infrastructure (bridge, outlet and spillway structures), which belongs to recharging groundwater structures of Nishapur plain adjacent to Faroub Ruman River. Additional services for structure restoration are as follows:

  • Complementary hydrology and meteorological reports
  • Flood routing study in artificial recharging pools
  • Geological and geotechnical studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Visiting, field investigation and recognition of current status of the structures
  • Considering and reviewing of previous design feed, hydraulic structural calculations adjustment
  • Providing drawing, estimating the quantities and evaluating operation cost