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Basic and detailed design study on irrigation and drainage network, agricultural land leveling and reclamation of rural lands of Cooperative Production Companies of Sonboleh Rokh and Torshiz 2

Irrigation and Drainage
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In order to reform the crop production system, Department of Irrigation and Land Levelling and Reclamation (Deputy of Water and Soil of the Ministry of Agriculture), set forward studies on organizing the utilization system, irrigation and drainage networks, land levelling and reclamation of  agricultural lands of rural cooperatives. The organization assigned Asarab Consulting Engineers Co. to equip and modernize agricultural lands.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

Following detailed studies have been done for this project:

  • Meteorological and hydrological studies, groundwater investigation and soil surveying
  • Preparation of topographic maps and agricultural land cadasters
  • Field investigation to recognize the current status of irrigation that is performed in agricultural land
  • Designing irrigation systems
  • Providing the best course of action for improving agriculture and modifying the prevalent cultivation pattern
  • Preparing the plots of the development plan
  • Estimating costs and incomes and economic analysis of the project