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Sampling and water quality analysis of Alborz Dam

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Considering the increasing eutrophication of the Alborz Dam Reservoir and the importance of discharging water of the dam in providing drinking water to the cities of Babol, Babolsar, Amirkala, Fereydunkenar … sampling studies were conducted to determine the quality of the dam reservoir. The main objectives of this study is to determine the quality of springs, entering rivers and Alborz Dam Reservoir, point and nonpoint pollutant sources in the watershed, for this purpose, two-dimensional model of Ce-Qual-W2 has been used.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Basic data collection of hydrological status in the study area including surface and ground water, pollutant sources and climatology of the region
  • Providing a temporary monitoring network for watershed (reservoir and entering rivers)
  • Sampling for analysis of the pollution parameters in water and sediment including oil compounds, detergents, chlorinated pesticides and microbial parameters in 9 stations in the dam during 6 months and in the rivers during 1 year
  • Measurement of river flow, sampling and analysis of physicochemical and nutrient parameters of water
  • Sampling and identification of planktons, macrobenthos, fish and fish parasites
  • Provision of structures and non-structures solutions in mid-term and long-term for the watershed and reservoir of the dam for pollution prevention