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EIA study of development plans in upstream of Gorganrood

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Many dams have been constructed on upstream of Gorganroud river and also some other dams are under studies and constructions too. Construction of these dams, increasing water needs at the region, releasing agriculture drain water into the river, arriving other saline tributaries to the river and releasing wastewater of downstream cities to the river caused increasing salinity and shortage of water at downstream. The downstream remaining 12 km of the river will be dried before approaching the sea during end of June, July, August and early September. Golestan Regional Water Company decided to study of Gorganroud river quality and quantity monitoring. To present the quality of water and provide necessary solutions to maintain and improve the quality of water in compliance with standards and indexes, EIA study of development plans in watershed of Gorganrood was delegated to Asarab Consulting Engineers Co.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Performing 6 month sampling and analysis of the results including physicochemical data, Ichthyology, aquatic plants and pollution investigation
  • Lymnological studies and determination of ecological water needs based on environmental criteria
  • Modelling and provision of Environmental Management Plan
  • Investigating the environmental conditions of the river in order to determine the impacts of the plans done or in process in the downstream of the river
  • Analysing the saline changes along the river
  • Investigation of river water needs according to existing ecosystem and its fish