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Environmental Impact Assessment of Fish Cage Culture in The Caspian Sea- Guilan Province

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About Project

Aquaculture in cage in coastal area of Guilan Province is one part of the economic goal that has been considered by Fisheries organization. It should be noted that 52 applicants requested for fish culture with this method. The overall foreseen tonnage of production was estimated at 106,090 ton/year and will be in process gradually. According to high tonnage and large spaces spreading of aquaculture production, Asarab was assigned to prepare an environmental assessment study report for addressing environmental adverse impact of cage culture.

Actual services:

  • Estimation of pollution releasing from the cages
  • Determining the self-purification of coastal water
  • Recognizing indigenous and exotic species in the sea
  • Recognizing the increase rate of fish production in case of propagation
  • Determination of Caspian Sea’s eutrophic condition after the establishment of cage culture
  • Introducing appropriate species and locations which are better for aquaculture concerning bio-technical and environmental aspects
  • Providing solutions for reducing adverse impacts and management plans for different farms
  • EIA reporting using Pastakia Matrix and Descriptive Checklists