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Study on quality protection of Ramsar drinking water resources from Meijran Dam

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Meijaran Dam reservoir site with concrete core is constructed on Nesarood River, in 20th kilometre of south east of Ramsar City. Considering the eutrophication risk of this dam and importance of dam in supplying drinking water to the cities of Ramsar, Ketalem and Sadat Shahr, the present study is of great importance, especially as this study facilitates data collection and comprehensive water resources planning, and prediction of the future status of the water resources.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Hydrological data gathering of the study area including surface and ground water, the source of pollution and climate condition
  • Determining a monitoring network in the dam watershed basin (including some stations in reservoir and entering rivers)
  • Determination of 4 locations for continuous monitoring and sampling during a year
  • Flow rate measurement from the rivers, sampling and analysis of physicochemical and nutrient parameters of water
  • Sampling and analysis of pollution parameters in water and sediments including heavy metal, oil compounds, detergents, poisons and microbial parameters
  • Sampling and identification of plankton, macrobenthos, fishes and parasite of fishes
  • Providing comprehensive and integrated environmental management program based on the results of quality monitoring and dam modelling (using 2D model of CE-QUAL-W2)
  • Determination of quality buffer of dam reservoir and its main stream of the river
  • Providing the necessary strategies for managing and utilization of the reservoir based on different months to improve water quality
  • Providing the necessary solutions for managing and controlling the pollutants of major sources identified at the watershed and presenting a permanent quality monitoring program in the study area