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Preparation of Guidelines and Instructions for Calculating Water Needs of Wetlands

IN Environment
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One of necessities and requirements for wetland management is determination of water needs for wetlands. Therefore, comprehensive program for wetland management was compiled considering ecosystem approach. The wetland conservation plan has been set forward as a common plan among Department of Environment, Global Environmental Facility and United Nations Development Program, with the aim of eliminating induced threats on the wetlands in a systematic way.

Actual services:

  • Basic studies and review of general characteristics of wetlands, including classification of physicochemical and biological properties
  • Exploring the previous studies of water needs in wetlands including studies on definitions and concepts, models and methods for calculating the water needs of wetlands
  • Presenting guidelines for calculating of water needs for wetlands by identifying quantitative, qualitative and ecological indicators
  • Drafting an instruction for calculation of water needs for Iran’s wetlands

In setting this instruction, efforts have been made to define the necessary executive steps to apply this guideline for calculating the water needs of wetlands. It is worth notable that this guideline has been published by bureau of Protection Plan of Iranian Wetlands in Department of Environment.