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EIA study of Bandar Abbass-Kerman Freeway

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One of the civil projects considered in the development of each country is construction of roads and the expansion of urban and inter-urban transportation lines. One of the positive impacts of the expansion of the country’s roads is to reduce fuel consumption due to preventing traffic and, consequently, reducing pollution caused by it. Road segment under study is a connecting segment which connects Bandar Abbass to Kerman. The EIA study report of Bandar Abbas-Kerman Freeway is divided into several sections that cover all aspects of the report, including the main characteristics of the project, related environmental laws and regulations, environmental status, consequence assessment, Environmental Risk Management, and environmental monitoring programme.

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The four main chapters of the EIA study of Bandar Abbass – Kerman Freeway are as follows:

  • Report on the recognition of the project and the laws, regulations and environmental standards in form of technical features and knowledge and relevant laws, regulations, standards and environmental guidelines.
  • Baseline environmental reports, identification and investigation of the physical-chemical environment, identification and study of the biological, economic, social and cultural environment
  • Report on the analysis of environmental impacts and methods for reducing the impacts and presenting the environmental management and monitoring program in terms of positive and negative effects of the plan, determining the type and method of environmental assessment, methods for reducing the impacts and the environmental management plan and monitoring
  • Environmental risk assessment report