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Implementation of mid-term program for qualitative study and assessment of control strategies of pollutants in Varamin

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Given to drinking water needs, and expansion of agricultural and animal husbandry activities in the study area, water resources management and quality control are essential step towards sustainable development in the counties of Varamin, Pakdasht and Pishva. Water quality management and control will ensure optimized utilization in the study area. Tehran Regional Water Company set forward a project entitled “Qualitative and quantitative study of plain aquifer of Varamin” and left it to a consultant engineer company, in which a model was designed to predict the status of the aquifer. After approval of this model, it was presented to Asarab Company to implement and run the model in the study area, Asarab had to predict changes in selected pollutants’ concentration based on data collected from field sampling and measurement.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Analysis of ground water samples in the study area for drinking consumption including 37 groundwater resources
  • Analysis of ground water samples for consumption in the field of agriculture
  • Analysis of ground water samples for consumption in the field of industry
  • Surface water investigation of irrigation & drainage network in the study area of Varamin including 6 surface water resources
  • Provision of treatment solutions for improving water quality
  • Suggesting parameters for monitoring and sampling stations