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Basic and detailed design studies on water conveyance canal of Shahid Navab Safavi (Ray, Islamshahr and Robatkarim Counties)

Irrigation and Drainage
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The water canal of Shahid Navab Safavi, which is soil structure, takes water from a diversion dam constructed on the Kan River. The canal dates back to the early nineties, and since the bottom and the walls have been repeatedly degraded and weeds grow on it, it is difficult to utilize the canal and irrigation facilities. In this regard, the issue of repair and restoration of this canal was considered by the authorities. Accordingly, the reform plan of Shaheed Navab Safavi Water Conveyance Canal was set by the Water and Soil Deputy of Agriculture Organization of Tehran as the Authority of problem solving of water loss prevention and exploitation and proper maintenance of the canal and its related buildings were among the provincial development plans.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

The services provided in this regard are as follow:

  • Surface water collecting
  • Estimation of sediment concentration and grading analysis of suspended particles and sedimentation rate
  • Studying of the watershed status
  • Flood simulation with different scenarios
  • Analyzing the quality parameters of water and its pollutants
  • Determination of type and capacity and technical design of the canal, intersections and protective structures of water level regulators, water intake canals, slope breakers, bridges and underpasses
  • Preparing of preliminary drawings