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EIA study of connecting Ilam province to national railway network

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The primary plan and map of connecting Ilam province to the national railway was situated in rough geological and topographic features, subsequently, basic study and construction were complicated.  On the other hand, some parts of the project pass through environmental protected area of Ghalajeh, so that 14 kilometers of this project is located in this area, and it is not possible to locate the route of the plan outside of this area. The other protected area is near to Ilam City, environmental protected areas of Manesht and Ghalarang, some parts of the route are tangent to this area but it does not enter it. Some parts of the project pass through the environmental protected area of Karkheh, meeting was held with the parent consultant company to alter route variant of the railway to be replaced outside of it.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Field investigation
  • Determining influence radius of every spatial variation
  • Preparation of ecological corridor maps
  • Selecting the path of the plan with minimal adverse impacts on the ecosystem