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Environmental Impact Assessment of Arak-Khoramabad Freeway

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Due to dangerous screws and heavy traffic, the current road of Arak-Khorramabad is considered as one of the perilous outskirts of Markazi province. These problems will be resolved by the construction of freeway of Arak-Khoramabad. This freeway is one of the main routes for passenger and cargo traffic from north to south of the country, and it eliminates the risk of dangerous mountain slopes of the road and slow flow of traffic. Construction of this freeway is highly important for completion of the north-south freeway and connecting the northern parts of the country (Bandar Anzali-Astara-Noshahr) to the port of Imam Khomeini. Construction of the freeway with a length of about 135 kilometres, in addition to reducing the risk and making the traffic safety, reduces about 30 kilometres of the current length of the road.

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Environmental impacts of freeway in terms of landform, morphology, quality and quantity of river, air and noise pollution (using AERMOD modeling), vegetation, habitats, environmental protected area, employment and income, transportation and traffic and industrial activities have been investigated in two ways of implementation and non-implementation in construction and operational phases. In this research, environmental assessment was carried out using checklist and overlaying methods. The results of checklist and overlaying of maps indicated that severe negative impacts would not occur in case of project implementation. After evaluating and presenting the best option, a complete Environmental Risk Management Plan is presented.