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Risk Management Studies on Lake of Tehran Province Dams Reservoirs’ Pollution in the Utilization and Implementation

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This plan has been among the priorities of Tehran Regional Water Company aiming to recognize pollution risk, pollutant resources releasing into 6 lakes of large dams of drinking water in Tehran including Amirkabir, Latyan, Lar, Taleqan, Mamloo and Namrood Dams. Threatening factors of these 6 watershed in terms of biological and microbial, physicochemical and industrial pollution were investigated and finally Risk Management Plan (RMP) was presented.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Data collection about contaminants and natural pollutants in the watershed
  • Continuous monitoring in the watersheds of 6 dams for 1 year to update data and information
  • Study on weaknesses and strengths of dams in terms of environmental risk, pollution potential of pollutants, current structural and non-structural methods against pollution risk
  • Searching about methods and approaches of risk assessments of disasters in dams
  • Assessment of risks and threat factors in dams
  • Investigation of structural and non-structural methods for prevention of risk occurrence resulting in water pollution
  • Presenting technical and managerial solutions for pollution remediation
  • Simulation of incident potential for occurrence in Mamlou Dam reservoir with Mike 3 (3D) to measure the amount of emission and decay of pollutants.