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Risk Management Studies of Drinking Water Reservoirs’ Pollution in Tehran province

IN Environment
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About Project

This plan has been among the priorities of Tehran Regional Water Company aiming to recognize pollution risk, pollutant resources releasing into 6 lakes of large dams supplying Tehran Province with drinking water, Amirkabir, Latyan, Lar, Taleqan, Mamloo and Namrood Dams. Threatening factors of these 6 watersheds in terms of biological and microbial, physicochemical and industrial pollution were investigated and finally Risk Management Plan (RMP) was presented. In this study a new risk management method named WRASTIC was modified for Iran Dams risk management studies.

Actual services:

  • Collecting arial and satellite images
  • Data collection and analysis of land-uses including modern and traditional irrigation and drainage network affecting water resources, aquaculture centers, livestock husbandry complexes, slaughterhouses, industrial centers, farmlands and pesticide usage
  • Data gathering regarding environmental protected areas
  • Identification of tourism attractions and recreational centers in the area
  • Data collection about contaminants and natural pollutants in the basins from hydrometry and sediment measuring stations
  • Providing GIS Database in different layers separatable
  • Continuous water quality monitoring in the watersheds of 6 dams for 1 year to update data and information
  • Identifying biological, microbial, and physicochemical risk factor releasing in to the basins and dams
  • Study on weaknesses and strengths of dams in terms of environmental risk, pollution potential, current structural and non-structural methods against pollution risk
  • Investigation about risk assessment methods and approaches regarding disasters resulting in pollutant emission and spreading
  • Assessment of risks factors in dams
  • Investigation on structural and non-structural methods for prevention of risk occurrence resulting in water pollution
  • Presenting technical and managerial solutions for pollution remediation and elimination
  • Simulation of incident possibility for occurrence in Mamlou Dam reservoir with Mike 3 (3D) to measure the amount of emission and decay of pollutants.
  • Risk Assessment by WRASTIC Model