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Feasibility study on construction of fisheries estate in Germi County

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Considering the water resources in the city of Germi, the development and expansion of aquaculture in this city can have many advantages and significant benefits, and leads to economic prosperity in the city. Asarab has been in charge of conducting feasibility study for construction of fisheries park in the city of Germi. In this regard, the physicochemical factors of groundwater for aquaculture purposes have been measured and the pertinent areas for construction of small cold water farms in Ardebil province have been identified.  In this study, mapping of KadKhodaloo and Khodabandehloo has been performed and classified according to groundwater quality, and their potential for production

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Mapping and studying of topographical conditions
  • Investigation of wells and groundwater status in the study area
  • Identifying the location of agricultural land and access routes
  • Surveying the quality of land resources of the city based on the amount of water harvesting and its dual purpose (first, fish farming and then use in agricultural lands)
  • Measurement of aquaculture factors
  • Examining areas prone to construction of small, cold water farms
  • Providing plan types for farms with capacity of 5 and 10 ton
  • Providing a comprehensive fish breeding scheme (trout) in the form of a fisheries state and design of necessary infrastructures