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Studies on the determination of sources of unpleasant odour due to surface runoff in the Imam Khomeini Airport

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Currently, in ​​Imam Khomeini Airport, and especially in the surrounding areas of Islamshahr, Baharestan Counties and south of these areas to the airport, sniffing of unpleasant odour is considered as one of the serious problem, so that national and international travellers to the country and its inhabitants faced a drastic problem in terms of smells of unpleasant and harsh odour. Generally, the unpleasant odour seemed to be due to the three main reasons of wastewater, waste, and slaughterhouses and stockbreeding. In order to solve the problem, it is necessary to identify and monitor the sources of unpleasant odour in accordance with scientific methods, moreover, the contribution of each sources should be determined with respect to the weather conditions including direction and diffusion intensity. Hence, studies on determining the sources of unpleasant odour have been performed with special attention to surface runoff in the Imam Khomeini Airport with emphasizing on contaminated waterways of wastewater and waste discharges.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Performing 4 surveys to identify the sources of wastewater and waste disposal sites, contaminated surface water sources, livestock farms, slaughterhouses, pollutant factories and …
  • Measurement of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane in the air of Tehran-Qom highway and in the study area by round the clock
  • Locating the stations to measure these parameters
  • Modeling of air pollution (odor) in the study area
  • Recognition of odor sources
  • Zoning of contaminated areas and specification of relevant methods for omitting odors and presenting  water quality management in the study area