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Supreme and Site Supervision on Construction of Supporting Areas in Bostaneh Fishing Port and Azini Pier in Hormozgan Province

Port Construction
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In this project, at first, Asarabs’ experts have designed various parts of the ports of Bostaneh and Azini including warehouses, office buildings, landscape, water resources, septic tanks, access roads, etc., and then for the above mentioned designed items, tender documents were separately and independently prepared for each port and the process of contractor selection was proceeded by our company. Asarab Consulting Engineers Co. has supervised the operation of contractor during the project.

Actual services:

Initially, the study and design of necessary items, including landscaping activities and construction of access routes, concrete platforms for dipping boats, completion of existing buildings and anchoring systems were carried out. In the next step, according to the drafted designs, contractors were selected for each project through bidding. Finally, the contractor’s compliance monitoring process was conducted in accordance with the agreement. The project has now been fully constructed.

The basics and services performed for the two projects were as follows:

Bostaneh Fishing Port;

  • Construction of concrete pavement
  • Implementation of leveling and stabilization of the port area with local material
  • Preparing and installing marine bollard on the western arm
  • Construction of part of the site’s access routes for connecting the site to main breakwater
  • Construction of asphalt layers (Topeka and Binder) of access roads inside the site

Azini Estuary;

  • Implementation of the leveling and fixing of the yard
  • Preparing and installing marine bollard on a concrete platform
  • Execution of complementary operations of existing buildings and canopies