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Study on land use planning, capacity detection, development of agricultural parks (greenhouses) in Zanjan Province

IN Agriculture
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About Project

In order to identify the potential of Zanjan Province for development of agricultural parks, land use planning and potential detection studies were carried out, and the integrated studies of this area were delegated to Asarab Consulting Engineers Co. Land evaluation in this area has been done based on the factors influencing development of agricultural parks.


Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Determination and defining of influential factors on agricultural park development
  • Data gathering about physiography, climate, hydrology and determination of its components, seismicity and seismic zone map
  • Conducting soil surveying, demography and population studies, exploring market relations and investigating about exporting situation in this regard
  • Prioritizing different zones with different factors with AHP method to determine the best zone for creation and development of greenhouse parks and the integration of factor’s weight
  • Identifying zones with first to third priority after restrictions and boundaries has been taken into account

Suggesting zones in the province with the first priority for construction of greenhouse complexes