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Identification, Monitoring and Determination of Groundwater Quality Buffer Zone in Boroojerd -Doroud

Irrigation and Drainage
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This study intended to identify the status of groundwater resources in the Seilakhor plain in other words, to protect the largest contaminated aquifer of Lorestan province. During field visiting of the study area, pollution resources releasing contaminants into the basin were identified and after field investigation, a site selection have been done to design a network for water quality sampling. Afterwards, the water quality of groundwater resources was analyzed based on pollution level and their protection buffer zone were delineated.

Actual services:

  • Water resources characterization
  • Hydrological studies using HEC-HMS Software
  • Surveying to explore groundwater resources and aquifers
  • Conducting environmental baseline studies
  • Determining pollutant activities and industries in the plain specifically in sensitive areas
  • Water quality evaluation using indicators such as TRIX, NSF and IRWQI
  • Site selection and specification of water quality sampling network
  • Planning for water quality monitoring and management using a program written in Excel environment
  • Synthesizing and integrating results of the study and all the produced reports
  • Developing a database for water quality control in ArcGIS and Excel environment
  • Wellhead protection zoning for water supply