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Environmental Impact Assessment of Fynesk Dam and Related Water Transmission Lines

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Study on construction of Fynesk Reservoir Dam and water transmission system was conducted aiming at fine-tuning of water downstream flow, controlling of unexpected flows and Sefidrood River floods and supplying drinking water for the cities of Semnan and Mahdishahr in late 2008. Fynesk Dam with a capacity of 9 million cubic meters for long-term water supplying in the Shahmirzad district is being constructed. It is also possible to install the power plant and generate electricity in this area. The operation and construction of this reservoir has been performed in early 2012.

Actual services:

  • Identification and exploring environmental impacts of projects on physical, biological, economic, social and cultural features
  • Setting forth appropriate solutions for controlling, monitoring and elimination of adverse impacts
  • Preparing Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Regarding this point that the dam is located in environmental protected area of Parvar covered by Juniperus Communis, rigorous survey was done in the study area to recognize the species in depth and detail. 4 spatial variants were intended for site selection of dam site, after prioritization and scoring, the best alternative was selected. Producing mitigating measures for site selection of borrow resources; construction site and constructive operation are the most important part of this study in the form of Environmental Management Plan. Environmental Impacts Assessment is done by ICOLD matrix and Descriptive Checklists.