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Engineering study and construction of sediment trap and sediment basin in Siahdarvishan and Chomseqal River by EPC project

River Engineeing
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10 rivers enter Anzali Wetland, which of them release many different concentration of pollutants and sediment to it. A large amount of sediment is discharged through two rivers of Chomesqal and Siahdarvishan Rivers. Asarab conducted a study, to estimate the relative amount of sediment, its concentration and rate of deposition from the rivers. According to the result of this preliminary study, volume and dimension of sediment trap was designed for reducing the amount of inlet sediment. Then the quality of wetland will be enhanced considerably and also the habitat of wading birds will be rehabilitated and conserved properly, this program will prevent wetland to be dried. In this project Asarab enjoyed civil and water resource engineers to design sediment trap in the meadows of Chomesqal and Siahdarvishan Rivers. The sediment trap is able to detain 350,000 M3 sediment of the two rivers during 2 years.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Study and review of environmental status of the wetland
  • Determination of amount of pollutants and inlet sediment from Chomesqal and Siahdarvishan Rivers
  • Designing of sediment trap on the rivers
  • Provision of Environmental Management Plan for the sediment trap