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Surveying and determination of riparian zone and river bed and basic study of Khiavchai & Aharchai Rivers

River Engineeing
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Due to the development of Ardabil province in recent decades, specification of riparian zone and river bed of rivers in Ardabil province is of great importance. Therefore, considering the necessity and in order to implementation of the limitation and controlling the construction on their margins, Ardabil Regional Water Company decided to determine the boundaries of flood fringe and floodway of rivers which are in danger of aggression. Obviously, with the prevention of construction in these areas, the damages of destructive floods will be decreased and in addition, from the social point of view, high risk areas are introduced to the inhabitants of the river.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

The boundaries of the study area for basic study of river training includes branches of Qarahsoo River and according to the contract, this study is consisted of  two sections of surveying and determination of the riparian zone and river bed and the basic study of the planning as follows:

  • Surveying of rivers within the study area includes topographic map preparation with a scale of 1: 1000 land surveying with contours level of 0.5 m about 34.3 km
  •  Studies on the determination of the riparian zone and river bed limits and basic studies of Khiavchai  and Aharchai rivers, with length of about 42 km