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Environmental Impact Assessment of Development Plan of ABS and C-SAN and C4RAFINATE / C5 units in Tabriz Petrochemical Complex

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In the present project, the positive and negative impacts of Tabriz Petrochemical Development Plan including ABS unit on physical and chemical, human and biological environment, etc. were studied and after that appropriates solutions were identified and presented to remedy adverse impacts. The development plan of the ABS unit of this complex was set to increase production capacity from 35,000 tons/y to 70,000 tons/y. The purpose of the construction of new C-SAN unit was developed and planned to produce 41,000 tons/y of styrene acrylic and nitrile copolymer. Production of the C4 raffinate / C5 unit will result in production of C4 and C5 raffinates in the amount of 37,800 tons/y, which will be used as one of the unit feeds for olefin in the complex.

Actual services:

  • Investigating the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant and waste incinerator system efficiency after petrochemical development project operation
  • Investigating the cumulative impacts of air pollutants on the surrounding environment by measuring air pollution in 4 stations and modeling
  • Investigating the environmental impacts of the project on groundwater resources and Aji Chai River
  • Studying impacts of air quality on agricultural lands and produced crops around the complex