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Lymnological study and stock assessment of Shahid Kazemi Dam – Saqqez and Gavoshan – Kamyaran Dams for aquaculture purposes

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درباره پرژوه

Lymnological study and stock assessment of Kazemi Dam in Saqqez and Gavoshan Dam in Kamyaran were executed to determine production capacity for aquaculture in the reservoirs (indigenous species and economic valuable species), and to organize sustainable operation in the reservoir for aquaculture with new method for protecting indigenous and genetically valuable species. Asarab was pledged to conduct an environmental baseline study to ensure that in case of operating this system, the ecosystem would be able to retain its ecological balance.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Studying of the existing status of the ecosystem
  • 13 monthly samplings of all physicochemical and lymnological parameters
  • Studying of potential capabilities of the dam for aquaculture in the dam considering ecological balance and environmental aspects
  • Determination of capabilities and limitations for aquaculture in dams
  • Studying of the biological degradation system in the reservoirs
  • Suggesting a development plan for aquaculture in the reservoirs