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Lymnological study and stock assessment of Vahdat Dam in Sanandaj Province

IN Fisheries
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About Project

Construction of Vahdat Dam on Ghishlag River has been carried out in order to supply Sanandaj drinking water and irrigation of agricultural land, as well as to supply electricity and control the river flood in north of Sanandaj. This comprehensive study was set to study fishing status and related equipment for fishing in the lake of Vahdat Dam has been investigated in detail. For this purpose, the tools and instruments used in fishing were also investigated.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Monthly sampling for physicochemical and biological analysis in the lake (for 13 months)
  • Stock assessment of the lake
  • Evaluating fish production potential based on species and different environmental aspects
  • Setting a plan of utilization with proper quality for drinking
  • Investigation of fish roles in biological treatment of the lake
  • Study of related fisheries industry in the study area