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Water Quality Modelling of Fynesk Reservoir Dam

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The construction of Fynesk Reservoir Dam with the aim of supplying drinking water for the cities of Semnan, Shahmirzad and Mahdishahr has been included in the regional programs of Semnan Regional Water Company. Water quality of Fynesk Dam was modeled for water quality prediction after dam construction. In this study, thermal stratification, eutrophication parameters (including Chlorophyll A, Nitrate, Phosphate, and Ammonium), as well as parameters of suspended particles, total organic carbon and iron in the reservoir are simulated to predict water quality after Fynesk construction.

Actual services:

  • Sampling of qualitative (physicochemical and pollution) and biological parameters in 4 stations of Sefidrood River for 1 year
  • Identifying the various loads of pollution (emergency and normal situation) and determination of water quality loss potential
  • Modelling of water quality in the reservoir after operation
  • Thermal stratification modelling and determination of thermocline layer and investigating its impacts on water quality for drinking Chlorophyll A, Nitrate, Total Organic Carbon, and Total Suspended Solid and Fe Parameters
  • Eutrophication modelling of the reservoir using 2-D CE-Qual-W2