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Sampling and Water Resources Quality Analysis of Tehran Drinking Water in Jajroud, Damavand, Karaj and Taleqan Rivers

Environment, Key Projects
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Over the past years, unconventional use, interference and destruction of waterways and water resources, water resources and waterways have been heavily endangered. This issue can be dealt with in terms of quantity and quality. In order to protect the water resources and achieve the objectives of the plan, Tehran Regional Water Company intended to carry out drinking water sampling of water supply resources for continuous recognition of pollution resources, better conservation and monitoring.

Actual services:

  • Supplying field quality monitoring equipment for on-site measurement including portable multimeter, portable turbidity meter and sampling containers for stabilization and transferring samples in standard conditions
  • Monthly sampling of 40 physicochemical and microbial parameters
  • Seasonal measurement of biological parameters and heavy metals
  • Determining sensitive zones and pollution receptors
  • Providing database from the results obtained from qualitative analysis