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Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) and Crisis Management and Emergency Response Procedures (ERP) of Fifth Gas Pipeline

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Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company has proposed a project for conducting Environmental Risk Assessment and compiling Crisis Management Plan in national gas pipeline with length of 504 km, in this pipeline, sour gases from phases of 6, 7 and 8 in Assaluyeh will be transmitted to Aghajari and will be injected to oil wells. In this pipeline, there are 5 pressure-booster stations which transmitted 3 billion and 900 million cubic feet of gas in 24 hrs.

Actual services:

  • Identification of system defects and occurrence of failure mode in different process units
  • Identification of potential hazards and investigation of emergency scenarios along the pipeline route, pressure-booster stations and related units
  • Identification of incidents’ effects on subsystems and the entire system along the pipeline
  • Classification of identified events in terms of risk
  • Identification of mitigating measures to eliminate risk and hazardous conditions or minimize their effects
  • Determining and identifying various preventive layers of measures and determine status of them in the risk management and crisis management program
  • Providing necessary solutions for preventing environmental adverse impacts on residential centers and ecosystem
  • Developing Emergency and Crisis Response Action Plan