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Integrated study of Zarebar Lake – Marivan

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The main purpose of this studies was limnological and aquatics stock assessment. The potential of wetland for biomanipulation was examined based on various environmental aspects, water quality in terms of physicochemical and biological parameters, afterwards, continuous and sustainable operation programme was prepared. Samplings were done monthly to analyse certain parameters in 13 months. Afterwards obtained data from surveying, patrols and samplings, were used in preparing different reports including meteorology, hydrology, complete ecological study, ecotourism of the lake, socio-economic and limnological study which provided complete introduction of the lake and its functions. Provision of a management plan for Zarebar Lake aiming at preserving the ecological values of the lake and maintaining its ecological conditions were another goal that the environmental team of the company has followed during this study.

Actual services:

  • Field surveying (sampling) for water and sediment quality, ichthyology and limnology and fish diseases investigation
  • Data gathering and exploring statistics, information, reports, maps, aerial images and previous detailed studies about the study area
  • Detailed study of existing status of the lake
  • Ecological impact assessment of water entrance of Ghezelche Sou River to the lake
  • Investigation of mortality causes in phytophagous fishes and provision of methods for controlling
  • Investigating possibility of biomanipulation